Steve Harrington Personality Type

15 Feb, 2024
Steve Harrington Personality Type

Meet Steve Harrington, the iconic character from "Stranger Things"! From high school bully to heroic protector, he has captivated audiences worldwide. Let's explore his personality, best matches, DiSC and Enneagram types, and zodiac sign alignment!

Which personality type is Steve Harrington?

Steve Harrington exemplifies the ESFP personality type, also known as the "Entertainer" in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ESFPs are known for their outgoing, vibrant, and spontaneous nature, which Steve demonstrates throughout the series. Initially, Steve appears as a charismatic but somewhat self-absorbed character; however, as the series progresses, his caring and protective side comes to the forefront, highlighting the adaptable and people-oriented aspects of ESFPs. His ability to stay positive and seek out the fun in life, even in the face of the unknown, solidifies his standing as an ESFP.

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What are Steve Harrington's best personality matches?

In terms of compatibility, ESFPs like Steve Harrington often find great companionship and understanding with ISFJs and ISTJs. These personality types share the Sensing preference, enjoying tangible connections and real-world experiences. ISFJs, with their nurturing and considerate nature, complement the energetic and spontaneous ESFPs, providing a grounding influence. ISTJs offer reliability and a strong sense of duty, which can provide a stable base for the more free-spirited ESFP.

What DiSC type is Steve Harrington?

Steve's DiSC personality profile would likely align with the "i" Influence Type. Individuals in this category are known for their enthusiasm, sociability, and persuasiveness—traits that Steve exhibits, especially in later seasons when he takes on a more prominent leadership role among the kids. His ability to motivate and protect the group, coupled with his natural charm, makes "Influence" a fitting DiSC type for Steve.

Which zodiac sign is Steve Harrington?

While Steve's exact birth date is not specified in "Stranger Things," his personality traits suggest he might be a Leo or Sagittarius. Leos are known for their bravery, loyalty, and love of the spotlight, qualities that Steve shows in abundance. Sagittarius, on the other hand, aligns with Steve's adventurous spirit, optimism, and dislike for being constrained, making either of these signs a potential match for his character.

Which Enneagram type is Steve Harrington?

Steve Harrington resonates most with Enneagram Type 7, the Enthusiast. Type 7s are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous, always eager to explore new possibilities and experiences. This reflects Steve's evolution from a carefree teenager to a courageous figure who still retains his love for adventure and dislike for mundane or painful situations.


Steve Harrington's journey from a typical high school student to a beloved character in "Stranger Things" is a testament to his dynamic ESFP personality type. His best personality matches, DiSC category, possible zodiac sign, and Enneagram type all paint a picture of a charismatic, adventurous, and protective individual. Steve's character development provides a rich canvas to explore various personality frameworks, making him a fascinating subject for fans and personality enthusiasts alike. 🎉

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