Influence Personality Type

In DISC personality tests, influence type is a crucial trait. Those with this characteristic are described as extroverted, passionate, and convincing personalities.

With the ability to motivate others to form positive relationships, those who possess this sense of influence prove very invaluable!

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Type I Personality Traits

I style, also known as Influence DISC Style, are characterized by an individual's ability to be outgoing, persuasive, and inspiring in personal interactions. Those with a High I personality tend to be natural leaders and have strong influencing capabilities. They are often viewed as enthusiastic and confident in their outlook on life and situations.

High I personalities thrive on interpersonal connection and collaboration with others in order to reach their goals. They enjoy being at the center of attention, speaking up in groups, socializing with people of all backgrounds, conveying enthusiasm for their ideas, and responding quickly in conversations or debates without inhibitions or self-consciousness. People who possess these positive characteristics often strive for excellence while taking risks to ensure success.

These individuals are typically quite competitive when it comes to achieving goals but still maintain a positive attitude even during difficult times. Furthermore, they tend to set lofty ambitions and don't let obstacles stand in their way when pursuing them. They persistently take action until they accomplish what they've set out for themselves or within a group collaboratively working together towards common objectives.


The Ideal Environment for the I Type Personality

The ideal environment for an I Type Personality is one that allows them to take initiative, show their creative spirit, socialize with others, and pursue recognition for their efforts. An environment such as this will help i personality types bring out their best qualities: leadership, ambition, enthusiasm for accomplishment, competitive drive, and excellent communication skills.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for this kind of professional and social environments of work environment:

1. Leadership Opportunities

Look for positions where you can lead projects or be a team leader; these roles give you autonomy while still allowing others to contribute towards your objectives. It's important that your boss recognizes your talents so you can be able to express ideas without feeling intimidated or held back.

2. Professional and Social Environments

People with an I-style personality thrive when given the chance to communicate clearly through networking events or group collaborations - ultimately feeling invigorated by being surrounded by motivated individuals who seek understanding from each other on a common goal or mission statement. They may even want outside feedback since it helps them stay competitively challenged in order to effect positive changes within the organization’s structure & strategy.

3. Creative Outlets

As innovators at heart they need environments where they feel safe expressing themselves freely without boundaries - providing them ample opportunity to become immersed in personal endeavors which grant personalized growth & development within vastly different backgrounds, fields & disciplines.

Personality Styles that are Compatible with DISC Profile I

When it comes to compatibility, the most harmonious matches for DISC Profile I are other Introverted personalities such as DISC Profile S or C styles; specifically those that also value stability and structure in relationships. Such a pairing would appreciate one another’s need for quiet time alone as well as their respect for rules and regulations.

Additionally, a pairing of two Profiles I individuals could help each other stay on track toward achieving goals together without having to rely on external sources of inspiration or motivation.


On the flip side, however, a pairing of two highly consistent individuals can lead them both into ruts from which they may find hard to recover without outside influences or input from more daring types such as an Extroverted/Influential type (DISC Profile D).

Possible Careers for I Types

  1. Accountant
  2. Auditor
  3. Budget Analyst
  4. Financial Analyst
  5. Financial Manager
  6. Insurance Underwriter
  7. Loan Officer
  8. Personal Financial Advisor
  9. Tax Examiner

I Type Communication style

  1. Communication style is direct, clear, and concise.
  2. Is not afraid to ask questions or challenge assumptions.
  3. Is always looking for ways to improve communication and understanding.
  4. Is patient and willing to listen to others.
  5. Is open to feedback and willing to change their communication style if it would be more effective.
  6. Is always looking for ways to build relationships and trust.
  7. Is a strong communicator who can be trusted to deliver important messages clearly and effectively.

Examples of Famous I-styles Personality Types

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton is one of the most celebrated I-styles personalities due to his charisma, intelligence, and knack for connecting with individuals. He has a special gift in being able to break down complex concepts into easily comprehensible ideas. This alone makes him an exceptional communicator.

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is an iconic media mogul and a renowned I-style personality. She has the remarkable ability to unite with diverse group of people in order to evoke inspiration, as well as tremendous business discernment that makes her stand out from other influential personalities. Her extraordinary intelligence further solidifies her reputation as one of the most successful individuals in history.

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Barack Obama

As a person with an I-style personality type, Barack Obama is a renowned former President of the United States. He stands out for his magnetic charm and connection with people as well as his extraordinary intellect and talent to communicate intricate concepts in straightforward language.

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Steve Jobs

Visionary and innovative, Steve Jobs revolutionized the technology industry as one of Apple Inc.'s co-founders. He was an I-style personality type renowned for his intensity and drive to attain excellence in all that he did - from product design to marketing strategies - a trait which ultimately catapulted him into legendary status within the tech world.

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J.K. Rowling

J.K Rowling, the mastermind behind one of history's most iconic book series - Harry Potter- is an I-style personality type: introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging. Although Rowling prefers to keep her private life shielded from public light and attention, she displays exceptional insight through intricately woven imagery in her writing; portraying a fictional world that has enthralled generations across the globe.

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So, there you have it! Understanding your own level of influence can be extremely beneficial as it allows you to better understand yourself and how to interact with others.

Taking the time to understand the DISC model, whether through a personality test or thorough self-reflection, will make all the difference for any individual, other team members, or organization.

Using influence in constructive ways helps to build relationships and foster teams, making communication easier and achieving tasks more fluid. With this thoughtful understanding of what influence is, it can be used to create a positive work environment that everyone can thrive in!