What Does The Small "I" In DiSC Mean

14 Mar, 2024
What Does The Small "I" In DiSC Mean

What does the lowercase "i" mean in the DiSC framework of personality assessments? This small typographic detail has generated interest in human resources, human behavior, psychology, and corporate leadership. From boardrooms to classrooms, this tiny "i" grabs our attention. But why is DiSC always spelled with a lowercase?

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DiSC, an acronym that characterizes personality according to four primary traits—Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness—is not a new theory. It has its roots in the 1920s when William Moulton Marston's observations about behavioral modes culminated in the robust DiSC model we know today. Fast forward to Wiley Publishing's contemporary applications, and the DiSC assessment suite serves as a lens through which individuals and groups can better understand themselves and others.

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Wiley's Little "i"

The "i" in DiSC stands for Influence and represents the diagonal personality trait from the "D" for Dominance. Individuals with an "i" style prioritize influencing others and value enthusiasm, collaboration, and positivity. They are often sociable, persuasive, and prefer a dynamic work environment.

Wiley's DiSC Profile is a registered trademark—a comprehensive suite that encompasses a variety of tools to plot personal styles and drive group dynamics. With its proven versatility and adaptability, this assessment is leveraged in arenas ranging from professional growth programs to personal coaching sessions.

The Story Behind the "i"

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Well, it all started when a small company called Performax was trying to release its premier product, the DISC Personal Profile System. Despite being a small organization, they wanted to ensure that everything was perfect. However, when they received their assessment booklets back from the printer, they noticed a small, tiny, little typo - the I in DISC wasn't capitalized. Instead of seeing this as a mistake, Performax decided to use it to its advantage and copyright DiSC to market their DISC Instrument.

So, whenever you see the 'small i' version of the DISC profile, you know it was published by Wiley Publishing or is in violation of US copyright laws. Now you know the story behind the small "i" in DiSC.

DiSC Worldwide

DiSC profiles are not just marker pens in a corporate whiteboard exercise. They are profound exercises that echo throughout the echelons of management, steering the direction of team-building exercises and personal development plans. Assessments such as DiSC Classic, Extended DiSC, and Personal Profile System have established themselves as key diagnostic tools in the workplace, often underpinning strategic decisions and long-term visioning.

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Beyond the Assessment

A personality test is only as good as the interventions it inspires. The DiSC approach is not just about knowing oneself or one's team; it's about leveraging that knowledge to ignite change. The real power of DiSC lies in the waves it creates—be it through actions, coaching, structural realignments, or through enhanced day-to-day interactions.

In conclusion, the "i" in DiSC is more than just a letter; it represents a philosophy of engagement. It symbolizes the shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to personal assessments to one that embraces individual nuances. With the rich history of the DiSC framework and the myriad possibilities it opens, the lowercase "i" captivates in its promise of a better, more harmonious understanding of the human element in our complex organizational tapestry.

For those scaling the peaks of professional development or simply navigating the landscapes of interpersonal relationships, the small "i" packs a mighty punch, for it is the axis around which the DiSC compass spins. And as the survey needle points towards growth and unity, we understand that in this unassuming glyph, we may have found the key to unlocking the mysteries of our most valuable resource—ourselves.

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