Revealed: The Personality Traits of Notorious Serial Killers – Are You One of Them?

15 May, 2024
Revealed: The Personality Traits of Notorious Serial Killers – Are You One of Them?

In recent years, there has been a growing fascination with the psychology of serial killers. From documentaries to books and podcasts, people are captivated by what makes these individuals tick. A common question that arises is: can personality tests like the ones from reveal if you share traits with some of the most notorious serial killers?

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Understanding the DISC Personality Test

The DISC personality test is a popular tool used to assess an individual's personality traits based on four primary factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. By taking the test, you can gain insight into your behavior patterns, motivations, and how you interact with others. But can this test also reveal darker aspects of your personality?

The Dark Side of Personality Traits

Many serial killers share certain personality traits that are identifiable through psychological assessments. Traits such as high levels of Dominance (D) and low levels of Conscientiousness (C) are often seen in these individuals. They may exhibit charm, manipulativeness, and a lack of empathy – characteristics that can also be detected through the DISC test.

Dominance (D)

Individuals with high Dominance are often assertive, confident, and goal-oriented. They thrive in positions of power and control. However, when these traits are extreme and coupled with a lack of empathy, they can lead to aggressive and even violent behavior. Notorious serial killers like Ted Bundy exhibited high Dominance, using their charm and assertiveness to manipulate and control their victims.

Influence (I)

High Influence individuals are sociable, persuasive, and enthusiastic. They are often the life of the party and can easily win others over. While this trait can be positive, it can also be used to deceive and manipulate. For example, John Wayne Gacy, who was known for his outgoing and charismatic personality, used his influence to lure victims.

Steadiness (S)

People with high Steadiness are typically patient, reliable, and good listeners. They value stability and are often seen as supportive and dependable. Interestingly, some serial killers also exhibit high Steadiness, using their calm and composed demeanor to gain trust. The infamous BTK killer, Dennis Rader, was known for his steady and unassuming presence in his community.

Conscientiousness (C)

High Conscientiousness is associated with being detail-oriented, organized, and disciplined. While these traits are generally positive, low Conscientiousness can indicate a lack of regard for rules and norms. Serial killers with low Conscientiousness, like Jeffrey Dahmer, often exhibit reckless and impulsive behavior, showing little concern for the consequences of their actions.

Your DISC Results: A Reflection or a Warning?

Taking the DISC personality test on can provide valuable insights into your own personality traits. But what if your results show similarities to those of notorious serial killers? It's important to remember that having certain traits does not mean you are destined for a life of crime. Personality is complex and influenced by many factors, including environment, upbringing, and personal experiences.

Interpreting Your Results

High Dominance: If your results show high Dominance, reflect on how you use your assertiveness. Are you using it to lead and inspire, or to control and manipulate?

High Influence: If you score high in Influence, consider how you use your sociability. Are you genuinely connecting with others, or using charm for personal gain?

High Steadiness: High Steadiness can be a strength, but ensure you are not using your calm demeanor to mask other intentions.

Low Conscientiousness: If your Conscientiousness is low, think about your attitude towards rules and responsibilities. Are you being reckless, or simply flexible and spontaneous?


While it can be intriguing to compare your personality traits to those of notorious serial killers, it's crucial to approach the results with a balanced perspective. The DISC test is a tool for self-awareness and personal growth, not a predictor of criminal behavior. By understanding your traits and how they manifest in your life, you can use this knowledge to foster positive interactions and make informed decisions.

Remember, everyone has a unique personality, and it's the choices we make that define us. So, take your DISC test results as an opportunity for reflection and growth, rather than a cause for alarm. After all, self-awareness is the first step towards a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.