How To Become DiSC Certified

25 Feb, 2024
How To Become DiSC Certified

If you’re aiming to learn how to become DiSC certified, you probably want a clear, straightforward roadmap to achieve it. Our step-by-step guide ensures you’ll understand the certification process, the benefits it brings, and the ways you can apply it professionally. We’ll cover everything from selecting the right program to the post-certification opportunities that await you.

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Key Takeaways

  • DiSC certification enhances professional relationships by providing expertise in DiSC principles and tools and is beneficial for those seeking to improve team dynamics and productivity.
  • The certification process includes comprehensive training, practical application, and an exam, with a variety of programs available to fit different career goals and budgets.
  • Post-certification, DiSC practitioners have access to ongoing support, resources for continuous learning, and a community for networking, ensuring the integration of DiSC principles for lasting organizational impact.

Understanding DiSC Certification

DiSC certification opens up a new level of understanding in the realm of professional relationships. It offers a thorough learning journey, equipping you with the expertise and tools to interpret DiSC theory, analyze results, and guide others in adapting their behavior for better interactions. If you’re considering whether DiSC certification aligns with your career path or could be the missing piece in your organization’s development strategy, the process offers an evaluation of its fit and confers a prestigious credential, demonstrating expertise in the Everything DiSC behavioral assessment tool—a methodology adopted by over a million users each year.

What is DiSC certification?

DiSC certification is the cornerstone for those aspiring to master the art of facilitation and create dynamic, engaging training sessions. This holistic program embarks you on a journey through DiSC theory, research, and principles—equipping you with a robust framework to support your continuous professional growth. It’s like acquiring a high-resolution lens that brings the intricacies of human behavior into focus, deepening your understanding and enabling you to foster personal and organizational development.

Embarking on this transformative path is about more than learning to teach; it’s about becoming an artisan of change, sculpting environments where individuals understand themselves and others better. As a certified practitioner, you become a beacon of guidance, navigating through the nuances of personality and communication styles to create a more harmonious workplace ecosystem.

DiSC Training Activities

The role of a Certified DiSC Trainer

Stepping into the shoes of a Certified DiSC Trainer means embracing a multifaceted role that goes beyond mere instruction. You become a connoisseur of the DiSC profiles—enabling you to weave the threads of Agile EQ, Workplace, Management, and other DiSC facets into the fabric of an organization’s culture. Your primary mission? To facilitate transformative DiSC training programs and provide individual coaching that aligns DiSC principles with personal and professional objectives.

In this role, you’re not only a facilitator but also an orchestrator of positive learning experiences, adept at managing diverse scenarios and ensuring that each participant leaves with valuable insights. You craft DiSC workshops tailored to organizational needs, offering a rich tapestry of learning that can span from immediate solutions to long-term behavioral change strategies.

Communication Exercises For Every DiSC Personality

Choosing the Right DiSC Certification Program

Choosing to pursue DiSC certification is a strategic decision that can unlock new career opportunities, potentially leading to roles that demand a certified DiSC trainer, or even facilitating promotions. With a variety of certification programs available, the challenge lies in selecting the one that aligns with your goals and offers a substantial return on investment. It’s about selecting a program that equips you to craft a compelling DiSC value proposition and strategic implementation plan for your organization.

It’s equally important to comprehend the financial commitment associated with DiSC certification. With disc certification costs varying based on the program’s depth and resources provided, it’s important to reach out directly to the providers, such as TrainSMART, for specific pricing to budget for this investment in your future. The right DiSC certification program not only fits your budget but also matches your professional vision, setting you on a path to becoming an influential force in your workplace.

How Accurate Is DiSC Assessment

Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner

The Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner program is your gateway to becoming an artisan of workplace transformation. This blended learning experience spans two weeks, weaving together five asynchronous learning modules, two application projects, and four virtual classroom sessions—culminating in the prestigious credential of Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner. It’s a journey that offers not just knowledge, but a toolkit for practical application, including an Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit and an Administrator Account, empowering you to facilitate and coach with confidence and finesse.

Through this program, you’ll gain a panoramic view of the Everything DiSC suite, from Workplace to Agile EQ, and the ability to tailor these profiles to your organization’s unique landscape. The program is designed to be a professional crescendo, providing you with eligibility for 20 Personal Development Credits and propelling you toward a future where you can deliver impactful DiSC experiences with authority and authenticity.

How DiSC Profiles Work

TrainSMART DiSC Facilitator Certification

TrainSMART’s DiSC Facilitator Certification offers participants:

  • A structured curriculum
  • Independent DiSC assessments
  • Immersive workshops (either two-day in-person or virtual split into four half-day sessions)
  • Comprehensive education in DiSC history, profiles, and learning activities

This program equips participants with the understanding necessary to enhance collaboration and understanding within teams. Since 1994, it has been like receiving an invitation to an exclusive club of proficiency in behavioral styles and communication.

This certification experience is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about hands-on development of practical skills through:

  • Case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Role-playing
  • Addressing common questions and profile interpretations

TrainSMART’s approach allows you to tailor DiSC training to the cultural and individual nuances of your organization, with ongoing support and a certification exam that confirms your readiness to inspire and develop team members with DiSC.

Navigating the DiSC Certification Process

The DiSC certification process, which includes disc certification courses, resembles a carefully planned journey toward disc workplace certification. It involves engaging with various learning approaches, from asynchronous learning modules to live virtual sessions, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive educational experience. The journey toward certification is marked by milestones, including the presentation of application projects and the achievement of a score of at least 80% on the final exam—the only graded component of the process.

Before setting sail on the live virtual sessions, you’ll anchor yourself in foundational knowledge through self-directed work in the online training center—an essential preparation for the classes ahead. Investment in this journey varies, with online course costs dependent on whether you already have the facilitation kit, or if it needs to be included in your package. For those preferring a more personal touch, the in-person group option, though requiring a minimum of six participants, offers an intensive two-day certification experience. And should life’s winds change your course, the certification program is flexible, allowing for cancellations or substitutions with notice, albeit with a small rescheduling fee.

Registration and Pre-work

The initial step in your DiSC certification journey is registration, a simple process that begins when you receive your Everything DiSC Certification kit. This step ensures you are kept abreast of any updates—a crucial aspect in a field that’s always evolving. A confirmation email from a Wiley faculty trainer will mark the beginning of your certification journey, setting the stage for the learning adventure that lies ahead.

Your preparation will then take form in pre-work, a series of pre-requisites designed to lay the groundwork for your certification course. This includes:

  • Engaging with asynchronous learning modules
  • Completing the Everything DiSC Catalyst assessment
  • Completing any additional pre-work required by in-person courses

The path to certification is a commitment, demanding approximately 18-24 hours of online coursework, punctuated by four instructor-led virtual sessions, all of which must be completed to qualify for the final exam.

Training and Learning Modules

DiSC certification training modules, integral to your learning journey, are designed to enhance your understanding of DiSC theory and principles. These modules are not just academic exercises; they are practical workshops that sharpen your facilitation and coaching skills, offering constructive feedback and a safe space to refine your craft. You’ll delve into the Everything DiSC applications, including:

  • Workplace
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Productive Conflict

This will expand your DiSC toolkit to cater to various organizational needs with the key everything disc concepts in the disc application suite.

Access to a comprehensive DiSC library, exclusive facilitator support kits, and tailored team leader resources are the perks of this training. They are your compass and map, guiding you through the DiSC landscape and ensuring you have the knowledge, confidence, and materials necessary to create meaningful and impactful DiSC experiences in your workplace.

Final Certification Exam

Your DiSC certification journey culminates in the final certification exam—an open-book test aimed at evaluating your practical understanding of key concepts. This exam, lasting about 45 minutes, is not a test of memory but a reflection of your ability to apply DiSC theory in real-world situations, and it’s designed to be a stress-free culmination of your hard work.

Should the first attempt not meet the required score of 80%, the path doesn’t end there. You are given a chance to retake the exam, ensuring that all practitioners achieve a comprehensive understanding of DiSC concepts before they step into the role of certified facilitators.

The certification not only includes the final exam but also application projects that contribute to your professional development, ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared to deliver impactful DiSC experiences.

Post-Certification Support and Resources

Your development as a DiSC practitioner continues even after you’ve completed the certification process. You gain ongoing access to Wiley’s online training center—a treasure trove of resources that supports your growth and ensures your DiSC facilitation remains fresh and effective.

Continuous Professional Development

Certification represents a starting point, rather than an endpoint, in your professional development as a DiSC practitioner. With ongoing access to Wiley’s online training center, you can dive deeper into the course content, engage with peers, and seek guidance from Wiley’s education specialists. The Everything DiSC Certification course also provides eligibility for SHRM PDCs, while the Essentials training qualifies for additional credits, allowing you to gain expertise and recognition in your field.

TrainSMART’s advanced courses offer further exploration into specialized DiSC applications and tools, ensuring your DiSC training remains cutting-edge and effective. The insights from DiSC certification extend beyond deepening your understanding of human behavior; they also enhance self-awareness and furnish you with practical concepts for communication and leadership development.

Implementing DiSC in Your Organization

Certification empowers you to champion a culture that embraces DiSC principles at its core. As a Certified Everything DiSC Practitioner, you can weave the language and teachings of DiSC into your organization’s very fabric, ensuring its principles resonate in every aspect of your workplace.

Whether it’s onboarding, team development, sales, or leadership programs, DiSC’s adaptability allows for seamless integration, with the Everything DiSC Workplace profile serving as a versatile starting point for organizations new to DiSC.

Building Custom Solutions

Your journey to DiSC certification arms you with the expertise needed to design customized DiSC training solutions that align with the unique needs of varied teams. Leveraging the comprehensive Everything DiSC product suite, you can select profiles and platforms that align precisely with your organizational development goals, with the Catalyst platform offering an enhanced learner engagement experience.

DiSC assessments, also known as disc assessment, are the compass that helps you navigate the behavioral patterns of team members, allowing you to:

  • Create solutions that optimize performance and address individual strategies for success
  • Capitalize on cognitive diversity to encourage innovation
  • Customize DiSC programs to meet specific organizational requirements
  • Ensure that your workshops are as effective as they are engaging.

Facilitation and Coaching Techniques

Introducing DiSC to your organization requires a blend of strategy and finesse—it’s truly an art form. Begin with a clear articulation of goals during your first DiSC session, setting clear expectations for your team. You might choose to introduce DiSC gradually, perhaps through informal ‘lunch and learn’ sessions, to pique interest and build a foundation for deeper exploration. Remember, each interaction is an opportunity to reinforce the Cornerstone Principles of DiSC, embedding them into the organizational psyche.

As a facilitator and coach, you’re not just presenting information; you’re guiding a journey of self-discovery. By previewing participant profiles ahead of time, you tailor each session to the audience, ensuring that the teachings resonate on a personal level. And with resources like the Supplement for Facilitators, you’re well-equipped to address any questions that arise, ensuring clarity and comprehension of profile results.

Alternative Learning Options

While certification represents the gold standard, there are other ways to dive into the world of DiSC. Whether you’re not ready for the commitment of certification or simply seeking to broaden your knowledge, non-certification educational options offered by organizations like TrainSMART provide a wealth of information and insights into DiSC, without the formal credentialing process.

Attending DiSC Workshops

For those keen on exploring DiSC without the full commitment of certification, attending DiSC workshops presents a valuable alternative. These sessions provide:

  • A rich, in-depth understanding of the DiSC model and its research background
  • Practical knowledge that can be immediately applied within your organization
  • An opportunity to experience the transformative power of DiSC firsthand
  • Insights and strategies that can be woven into the fabric of your company’s culture and communication

Workshops are interactive and dynamic, often facilitated by certified trainers who bring their expertise and experience to the table. They provide a platform for you to receive valuable feedback, ask questions, and engage with the DiSC concepts in a collaborative environment. It’s a space where the theoretical meets the practical, equipping you with the tools and understanding necessary to leverage DiSC principles for improved workplace dynamics.

Online Resources and Courses

For those who favor self-paced learning, Wiley’s Essentials provides an online training that delivers foundational knowledge of DiSC without requiring certification. This self-guided course is a convenient way to explore the Everything DiSC suite of profiles and reports at your own pace, providing a comprehensive introduction to the principles and applications of DiSC.

The Essentials training includes:

  • An estimated 3-hour journey into the world of DiSC
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere
  • An ideal option for those who want to dip their toes into DiSC waters
  • Provides a broad overview of the concepts
  • Allows for flexible learning that fits into any schedule
  • Access to Wiley’s online training center
  • Ability to take advantage of the wealth of course content
  • Connect with Wiley’s education specialists for guidance and support
  • Ensures a solid understanding of DiSC principles


We’ve journeyed through the intricate tapestry of DiSC certification, exploring the myriad paths to becoming a certified practitioner and the transformative impact it can have on individuals and organizations alike. Whether you’re embarking on the full certification journey, attending workshops, or leveraging online resources, DiSC offers a world of possibilities for enhancing communication, leadership, and team dynamics. As you ponder your next steps, remember that the power of DiSC lies in its application—unlocking the potential of every individual to contribute to a more harmonious, effective, and cohesive workplace.

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